A friend recently put up a short poll on Facebook regarding networking, here it is:

Question: What do you feel is your greatest weakness in networking?
1) Approaching someone for the first time
2) Continuing conversation after a few minutes
3) Knowing how to gracefully close conversation
4) Being unable to turn relationships into business opportunities
5) Using a follow up system


My weakness is definitely #3 and it seemed a lot of folks agreed this was an issue they had as well. So, I decided to look up some tips to help us all at our next networking event. What do YOU think your greatest weakness in networking is?


BONUS: Your Exit Strategy

It’s that time: your drink is dry and you’re ready to move on. When the  conversation starts to wind down, don’t try to force more. Remember, you’re  there to mix and mingle – don’t chain yourself to one person all night.

If you’d like to exit a conversation, try one of these lines:

  • “Alright, I’m going to get some food now that the line has died down a bit.  It was great meeting you!”
  • “Have you met Lisa? She works in your industry as well. I’m sure you both  will have plenty to talk about. I’ve got to say hello to someone, but I’ll be  back.”
  • “Well, I think it’s time for me to head out. I would love to talk with you  again, though. May I have your card/contact information?”

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