Stuck home today? Here are a few ways to further your relationship building from your couch:

1. Use it as an opportunity to reach out to 3-5 people you have been meaning to follow up with.

2. Take the business cards from your last few events and reach out via phone or email to those folks. Set up a one on one with at least 1 person.

3. Write a thank you note to someone that has helped you with an intro or opportunity for your business.

4. Make those changes to your website, LinkedIn profile or other social media you’ve mean meaning to get around to.

5. Complete your online profile in any directories of networking groups you are a member of and make sure all your links are provided for people to easily reach you-email, cell/work number, website, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Blog.

6. Have some hot chocolate. Just because 🙂