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This weekend, make a point of talking to the people you regularly see about what you are looking for as far as clients/customers for your business, or if you are looking for a job share this info as well. These are people that already know you and are more likely to help or spread the word for you. This could be your trainer, hairdresser/barber, manicurist, children’s tutor, parents of your children’s friends you see regularly, people you talk to at the dog park each weekend, people you see at church on Sundays and lots of others.



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Tomorrow is Presidents’ Day and I was thinking about how much networking candidates have to do to become president and to continue to maintain and build relationships while they are in office.


Regardless of your politics or party affiliation I think Bill Clinton as a 22 year old can teach us all something about networking (Via Keith Ferrazzi,  Never Eat Alone)

“What are you doing here at Oxford, Jeff?” he asked. “I’m at Pembroke on a Fulbright,” Jeff replied. Clinton penned  “Pembroke” into his book, then asked about Stamps’s undergraduate school  and his major. “Bill, why are you writing this down?” asked Stamps. “I’m going into politics and plan to run for governor of Arkansas, and I’m keeping track of everyone I meet,” said Clinton.

Even while an undergraduate at Georgetown, Clinton used index cards to record the vital stats about everyone he met each day.

Two take-away points: First, Clinton knew where he was headed. Second, he was genuinely interested in people, and that made him popular.

Happy Presidents’ Day!



Valentine’s Day is a great time to tell your customers or clients that you love them. Send out a loyalty email today telling them that you appreciate their business! You can even think about including a special Valentine’s Day offer good for 2/14 only.


Even if you never watch football (like me) you know that tomorrow is the Super bowl. Besides there being some sort of game, there are tons of networking opportunities. Many of you will either be having people over or going to someone’s house where a group of folks will converge with junk food to watch the game-and those memorable super bowl commercials! You will be with this group for 4-6 hours or more. Spend some of that time getting to know someone new and what they do. Tell people about what you are working on or what types of prospects you are looking for. If you are looking to hire at your job, spread the word. You never know who might know a strong candidate for your open position.

Interact with people online tomorrow to increase engagement on your business page or twitter. Ask people to post pictures of their super bowl spread or list their favorite commercial during the super bowl. Ask what they thought of the halftime show.

The networking does not end when the game is over! You can use this as a conversation starter in an elevator, grocery store or at a networking event next week. Talking about the super bowl commercials or how you ate too much Sunday night are examples of relatable conversation starters. Everyone will have something to say on these topics and it will open the lines of communication. And if all else fails, talk about Puppy Bowl, my personal favorite!

Go Eagles?