Tomorrow is Presidents’ Day and I was thinking about how much networking candidates have to do to become president and to continue to maintain and build relationships while they are in office.


Regardless of your politics or party affiliation I think Bill Clinton as a 22 year old can teach us all something about networking (Via Keith Ferrazzi,  Never Eat Alone)

“What are you doing here at Oxford, Jeff?” he asked. “I’m at Pembroke on a Fulbright,” Jeff replied. Clinton penned  “Pembroke” into his book, then asked about Stamps’s undergraduate school  and his major. “Bill, why are you writing this down?” asked Stamps. “I’m going into politics and plan to run for governor of Arkansas, and I’m keeping track of everyone I meet,” said Clinton.

Even while an undergraduate at Georgetown, Clinton used index cards to record the vital stats about everyone he met each day.

Two take-away points: First, Clinton knew where he was headed. Second, he was genuinely interested in people, and that made him popular.

Happy Presidents’ Day!