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I live in Bala Cynwyd, PA. It is a suburb of Philadelphia, PA. Not much happens here. But there has been lots of anticipation for the last year about the “Cynwyd Station Café and Tearoom” that opened today at the Bala Cynwyd train This will be a welcome addition to our community as owner Sadie Francis intends to hold seminars and events there. So in addition to a great place to go in the neighborhood for food and drink, it will be a community space as well. ““I want it to be a place where people can come in and find something new or learn something new – a ‘green’ community center,” (Sadie) Francis said, remarking that, in its early days, the Cynwyd Station was also the first Bala Cynwyd post office and a real hub for the community. “We’re trying to get back to that,” she said of the historical society’s goals for the space.” Courtesy of The Main Line Times and Cheryl Allison

I went to the opening today and there were a lot of people from the community. Some I knew and others I just met today. These type of community events are a great way to get to know your neighbors and the local businesspeople in your community.

You may not think of this as Networking since today is Sunday and it is not a traditional networking event but it IS Networking. As I always say, Networking is just a fancy word for getting to know people. Anytime you go somewhere and meet people and they meet you, that is Networking. And enjoying ice cream samples while doing it just makes it more fun!

What community events have you gone to recently where you met some new folks? Lots of events are scheduled for Spring/Summer in your local community. Take advantage of them 🙂


jen made a visor!



It is important to attend neighborhood and community events in addition to the larger business networking and industry events you may attend. There are great networking opportunities at local events to get to know your local business community. This is especially important for small businesses and local non profits. Make sure if you are attending a local food tasting event, jazz fair, county fair etc you bring business cards. It is not a traditional networking event but there are still opportunities to make a meaningful connection in a much more relaxed and casual setting. This may even make it easier for some who are not big fans of traditional networking events to engage in conversation.

The above photo is from a community event in my neighborhood for Alex’s Lemonade last June.


Today I want to share what NOT to do with your online networking. Below is a message I received over the weekend from someone who sent me a connection request on LinkedIn. I really don’t know this person at all and we have had no interaction other than the fact that they asked me to connect and I accepted. Now they have sent me a very impersonal sales pitch message. Do you think I am interested in responding? Would you be? DON’T connect with people on LinkedIn just to pitch to them. Build a relationship and figure out what you can do to help someone else.


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