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What do you do when you follow up and you hear crickets?





People are busy. As we all know it is extremely important to follow up after a networking event and to do so timely. But what if you do not get a response? What then?

1. Don’t be pushy. Decide the method you are going to use to follow up. For example, if you send a great follow up email don’t immediately leave a voicemail for the person as well. It is not “better” to use multiple follow up methods at the time of the initial follow up. That’s annoying. Just stick with one method.

2. Make sure your follow up has a call to action.  Attempt to schedule the next meeting via phone or in person. Provide some date/time possibilities. If you are in transition/seeking career help make sure you allow the person to determine where/when is best for them and work around their schedule. They are doing you a favor.

3. Wait a week. Note your calendar. If you have not heard back from your initial follow up, after a week follow up again. You can use the same method or try a different tactic. If you sent an email maybe leave a vm this time. Don’t make mention of the first contact that has not been responded to. Don’t make the person feel guilty. This will discourage them from responding. Keep it light and friendly.

4. Wait another week. Follow up one last time (3rd attempt). If you still do not get a response, that’s it. They are just not that into you. Move on. There are other people to pursue relationships with.