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Sign up to attend an event with an organization that is new to you. It is important to keep expanding your network both professionally and personally. Go somewhere where you will meet some new folks. If you decide to sign up with a friend, make sure you do NOT stay together during the event. Make an effort to meet at least 3 new people at the event on your own-and make sure to follow-up!



Just saw an interview with Bevy Smith of “Fashion Queens” fame. She discussed the highly sought after invites to her networking dinner parties (Dinner with Bevy).

“With years of experience as a Fashion & Magazine Executive behind her, Bevy tapped into her reputation as an international hostess and a savvy marketing professional to create the highly successful, Dinner With Bevy events. Dinner With Bevy is a one-of-a-kind, dining extravaganza linking brands and celebrities with movers and shakers in various fields to foster dynamic, long-lasting relationships. A private, invitation only event, the guest list is curated from Bevy’s extensive relationships with notables from the worlds of art, entertainment, sports, media, fashion and philanthropy.”

Forming your own exclusive networking dinner parties is also something discussed by Keith Ferrazzi in “Never Eat Alone.” Here is a link to a short video, “Dinner with Keith.”

My tip today is to throw your own networking get together. It is not about being fancy. You can have pizza delivered. It is all about putting the right people in the room and having an atmosphere that is comfortable for people to open up and socialize. Give it a shot!