Pennsylvania Conference for Women

The Pennsylvania Conference for Women is a jam-packed day of top-notch speakers and panels. But what about the networking? With over 7,000 women attending this sold-out day do not miss your opportunities to make connections and a make great first impression. Here are 5 tips to help you through the day:

1. Registration is between 7:30-8:30 AM. Arrive by or before 7:30! This is really the only time of day (besides the keynotes) where everyone is in the same place. Take advantage of meeting a few new women, going by the expo tables and having some quality conversations. This is the time to split up from your friends!

2. Make sure you wear your name tag provided or bring your own and don’t take it off all day. This is the best way people can remember you. We’ve all been there. You strike up a great conversation with someone and after 5-10 minutes you realize you cannot remember their name and feel it is not appropriate to ask again. It is easy to steal a glance at a name tag. Make it easy for people to follow up with you. And bring plenty of business cards.

3. Get involved! Make sure you live tweet and post photos during the day. I am part of a team that will be doing this for the conference. It is a great way to engage with new people, make some new connections and maybe even gain some engaged followers who like what you have to say. @PennWomen #PennWomen

4. Bring snacks. This one may sound basic. I don’t know about you but if I’m hungry I get very grumpy and don’t relish in starting conversations. It is a long day. Make sure you keep your energy up and are able to put forth your best self all day long.

5. Finally, follow up. Tell yourself no later than the end of the weekend following the conference you will reach out to anyone you wanted to follow up with that you met at the conference and start the process of building a relationship. Be sure to be specific when connecting about where you met and even what you discussed if you can recall.