It’s that time of year! Lots of entrepreneurs and businesses are sending our Holiday cards or customer appreciation gifts.  This can be great for networking purposes. But you want to make sure that the cards you send out are well-received. Here are some tips:

  1. Don’t include a business card or promotional special with your Holiday card. A Holiday greeting should not be a masked solicitation. DO include your business name though.
  2. If you are a non-profit, send a Holiday card that does NOT include a solicitation for an end of the year donation. Or at a minimum, if someone has already given this year, don’t send them a Holiday card asking for another donation before the year’s end.
  3. Select a small group of folks from your large list and personalize/handwrite their cards rather than simply having the card and/or business name printed. This could be your “best” clients during the year, your “VIP” clients, your “top prospects” for the following year, or simply the clients you are closest to/have worked with the longest.  Consider also sending a card to your client’s assistant.
  4. Send Holiday neutral cards. Never make assumptions.
  5. Pick a card that is memorable and will stand out
  6. Consider sending a card at another time of year when your message won’t get lost in the 50-100 Holidays cards people receive in December.

Did you send a Holiday card out? Let’s see it! Attach a photo here. Or tell us about the most memorable card you have received and why it was memorable to you. Season’s Greetings!!!!